Electrical engineering for the


H2E looks at your plant the way you do, with an eye to making it safer, cleaner, and more productive.


Hydroelectric Expertise

H2E is a very specialized electrical engineering consulting firm with a wide range of hydroelectric expertise from power distribution and generation to controls and automation.

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Capital Planning & Support

H2E collaborates with you in developing short and long term strategies, including budget and CapEx estimates, to achieve your operational objectives.


System Integration

H2E integrates your plant including generator, synchronization, spill control, and pond control utilizing proven technologies and expert know-how.


Start-up & Commissioning

All H2E developed software and control packages are commissioned by H2E engineers on your site, ensuring functionality and safety requirements.



Handoffs come easy when plant personnel have been involved through the process of construction, start-up, and integration.

H2E looks at your mine the way you do, with an eye to making it safer, cleaner, and more productive.

We work with you to understand your long-term vision, developing an integrated program approach to your overall success.

Service tailored to your needs

Because we've worked in all aspects of hydro, we provide the support you need in:
  • Substation design
  • Restoration, gate, spill, and pond control.
  • Switchgear design
  • Governors and exciters
  • Electrical balance of plant
  • System synchronization
  • EIM capacity balancing
  • Plant SCADA and communication systems
  • Renewal energy integration
  • Pump storage systems

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