Electrical engineering for the


H2E looks at your mine the way you do, with an eye to making it safer, cleaner, and more productive.


Plant Control Systems

Integration of your processes is key. We listen closely to your goals and design automation solutions to fit your operation.


Power Distribution

Helping you get power (on grid or off) into the deepest pits and most remote sites.


Start-up & commissioning

When it’s launch time, we work with you to ensure a seamless transition.


Standby Power

We can generate your best protection in the case of an outage.


Safe and Certified

Our engineers come to your site equipped with MSHA 5000-23 certification.



After decommissioning, we can assist with remediation and acid mine discharge control.

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Capital budgeting

Clients trust us to provide clear scoping and detailed estimates for their long-term success.

Your success is our priority, so we come alongside you to understand your facility and your vision for the entire mine operation. Then we dig in and get all the details right, down to the tiniest switch or line of code.

Service tailored to your need

Because we've worked in all aspects of mining, we provide the support you need in:

  • Extraction (smelting, plating, or floating)
  • Material handling and conveyance
  • Networking
  • Water treatment
  • Power and protective relays for mills, crushers, and other processing equipment
  • Baghouses
  • Kilns and coolers
  • Process control design and integration

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